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Spirituality, Enlightenment, Satsang  
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      Sundance Burke and Katie Davis, Spiritual Non-dual Satsang Teachers, Authors

In 1982, Sundance spiritually awakened with Satoshi (Osho/Nisargadatta) and Sunyata named the Rare Born Mystic by his friend Ramana Maharshi. Sundance Burke is author of "Free Spirit."

In 1986, Katie radically and spontaneously awakened without practices or spiritual teachers. Katie Davis is author of "Awake Joy."

Sundance and Katie met in 1988 and began sharing non-dual satsang in 1999. They are currently residents of Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They travel worldwide sharing their message of conscious freedom and causeless joy in the form of spiritual talks, satsang, satsang intensives and silent retreats.

Awake Spirit Teachings have helped many throughout the world to find inner peace, wise love and greater fulfillment in their lives through Self-inquiry. At the heart of the teachings is a spiritual awakening that transcends the ego-based state of consciousness into the harmony and unity of pure consciousness and then realizes the infinite possibility that is Absolute and the Heart of all being. These teachings are not conceptually based, but rather based upon direct Self-realization, and therefore they are profoundly energetic, powerful and radiantly still.
"You are life's purpose ~ the Heart of the universe"
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