Heart of Life
      The Katie Collection

     Katie Davis
    Author, Awake Joy
Heart of Life: The Katie CollectionE-book

Author: Katie Davis

Pages: 44

Item Number ZG100


The Heart of Life E-book includes articles on spirituality, spiritual awakening and enlightenment by Katie Davis that have been published in magazines, newspapers, and websites throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

The collection includes 20 stand alone articles entitled: Roses for Living, The Secret Ocean, The Sky of Now, Awake Right Now, Ego's Story-Time, The Mystical Sky, Inner Space, Only This Love, Awakening to the Invincible Summer, Ego's Postponement Strategy, Wisdom's Work, Call of the Wild, Be Still, Pure Being, "I am" Meditation, Beyond Causality, Duality and Conceptual Reality, plus an interview that was published as a cover story in the Northwest.

Guidelines and permission to distribute or publish the articles in your newsletters is included. The e-book also includes a summary of Katie's new book Awake Joy, a biography, and how to contact Katie. Upon payment, you will be sent an email with an attachment for download.

Katie, Author, Awake Joy
Sundance, Author, Free Spirit
Better Together Discount 20%
Authors: Awake Joy by Katie and Free Spirit by Sundance Burke

ISBN: AJ 978-0-9800912-2-9 and FS 978-0-9800912-3-6

Pages: 224 each

Bindings: Hardbound

Size: 6" x 9"

Item Number: ZG500

$36.72 (Save $9.18)
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Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

Author:  Katie Davis

ISBN: 978-0-9800912-2-9

Pages: 224

Binding: Hardbound

Size: 6" x 9"

Item Number: ZG1229


Awake Joy is a unique and comprehensive guide to awakening to the new state of consciousness that is currently emerging on this planet. It points to the discovery of the radiant joy that is beyond the thinking mind, the separate sense of self, its idea of separation and identification with form.

Katie Davis takes the mind-identified reader through their personal growth strategies to awakening, deepens to Self-discovery or what we might call the realization of the Heart. She encourages full embodiment of this truth and then shifts to awake living by embracing humanity’s diversity, the earth, its environment and its creatures as none other than the Essence. Katie shares that when the human being is consciously fulfilled, we live the natural way of the Heart in a profoundly human manner.

It used to be that awakening was extremely rare, but today this is not so and people are opening to Self-discovery. It requires presence and not practices, although the book offers experiments and meditations to reveal ego's delusion. There is nothing unique, or for that matter peculiar, about realizing who you already are beyond your given name and form. It is a normal maturing process in the wisdom of the human being and is available right now to everyone.

Awake Joy is meant to be your companion throughout your life’s journey to true and lasting fulfillment. It will be a trusted resource again and again throughout the years. This A-Z handbook stands free of concepts, philosophy and eastern jargon to point clearly and pragmatically for those who are ready to surrender suffering for themselves, their relationships, their families, the schools, the workplace, the world’s religions and the world.

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Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being

Author: Sundance Burke

ISBN: 978-0-9800912-3-6

Pages: 224

Binding: Hardbound

Size: 6" x 9"

Item Number: ZG1236


Free Spirit is speaking as freedom, which is our Consciousness, the sweet essence of our lives. The freedom spoken here is an inner knowing. We cannot realize this liberation by catering to our bodies, emotions or minds. No, this freedom is spiritual; an altitude of perception that only arises when we are lighter than our surroundings. We can realize this lightness of being if we are willing to abide as Awareness and let go of the ego, the one who suffers mind. For this enlightenment to happen, a quiet mind is all we need. Why do anything for this, when only our stillness will suffice. Be silent, be still, be free. 

Within this book you will find answered and unanswered questions, humor, poetic prose, experimentation with consciousness and passages that illuminate the sense that we are more than our thoughts, emotions, senses, body, and energy. The entire venture is directed to our essence, that we might realize our Free Spirit.

Sundance demonstrates the light-hearted wisdom and spontaneous creativity that is the energy signature of liberated Consciousness. Every word in this book is sourced by the power of silent Truth. Without contradicting this source, the writing inspires our active participation in the realization of Spirit, as only our direct experience is of any value to awakening.

For those of us who desire to be free, Sundance takes us by the hand and walks with us through the entire landscape of the egoic mind, until we reach its outer boundary. Here, he invites us to take a leap of Self-faith into simply being awareness. Will we survive?

Sundance says: “Who you think you are will not survive and who you are is never threatened. However, only by the leap can this be realized. Truly, all you surrender is your suffering and Now is the time.”

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