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Sundance and Katie
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In 2000, Washington Satsang, Kirkland, Washington
          Sundance Burke and Katie Davis, Soli
In 1998, Sundance and Katie became close friends with Eckhart Tolle. They were invited to travel with him for  two months on his first Power of Now Tour.
                     Mount Shasta, California
The Sound of One Laughing: Gangaji and Katie, Ross, California
Poet Chris McCombs
       Gay Young
Mount Rainier Retreat
Our Family Visits Maui
Our Daughters and Son Visit Us on Maui
First Mount Rainier Silent Retreat at Mount Rainier, 2002
   Silent Joy Satsang, Katie Davis
       Mount Rainier, Washington
                  At Sunrise
In 1998, a Mystical Moment with Eckhart Tolle on a Desert Bench while traveling with him in Tucson, Arizona on his first book tour for Power of Now. Sundance Burke, Eckhart Tolle, Katie Davis
Traveling with Eckhart Tolle, Santa Monica Beach
                  First Power of Now Tour
     Sundance and Katie with Eckhart Tolle
Power of Now Tour, Mount Shasta, California
      Katie Davis and Mount Rainier
Mountain Mama on the Mountain Path
      Another Mount Rainier Retreat
Katie Davis and Mount Rainier, Washington State, 2005
Sundance Burke and Mount Rainier, Washington State
              Home to the Mountain from Maui
Breakfast and beach walk with Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng and Friends
     Traveling with Eckhart Tolle at Santa Monica Beach, 1998
                                 Power of Now Tour
Lynda Cole, Embracing the Now
         Friend of the Heart
            Vancouver, BC
Encouraged by Eckhart Tolle to write their books, Sundance and Katie moved to Maui from Seattle, Washington to write Free Spirit and Awake Joy. They have been traveling since 1999 to offer satsang and their message of  true freedom and joy.
                   Sundance and Katie, Maui, Hawaii
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              Love and Gratitude to All Friends of the Heart ...
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John Astin
Richard (and Wanda!) Sink
Flagstaff, AZ; Sedona, AZ
Jordan (and Kay!) Shafer
           Dallas, TX
    Paul Evans Nonduality Group
Toronto, Ontario
     The Rising Sun
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Charlie and Maggie Wilkins, One Heart
                   Chicago, IL
Tomas Stubbs and Moni Vangolen
                Vancouver, BC
Angel Honig
Bonnie Franks
Transitions Bookplace in Chicago ~ Workshop and Book Signing ~ Awake Joy and Free Spirit
Awake Joy & Free Spirit Winter 2008 Event and Book Tour
The Baha'i House of Worship               Wilmette, Illinois
Friend of the Heart Maggie Wilkins, Chicago, Illinois. Charlie and Maggie Wilkins offer Power of Now Study Groups in Chicago, green living projects through C & M Wilkins Renovations, public service programs and multiple creative ideas about  awake  living as One Heart.
Chandler, Arizona Book Signing,
Satsang and Weekend Intensive
           Reverend Janet Kingsley
Flagstaff Religious Science Church
                    Chandler, Arizona
  Wanda Sink, Flagstaff Organizer
                    Chandler, Arizona
          Sundance and Katie
"Free Spirit" and "Awake Joy"
                        A Home of the Heart
                   Gina Lake ad Nirmala
                            Sedona, Arizona
                                 THIS IS LOVE!!
               Katie Davis, Paula McKechnie,
            Lynda Cole , Embracing the Now                                        Vancouver BC, Canada
Beloved Paula and Sundance
Beloved Paula and Katie
      Toronto, Ontario Satsang
Day Trip to Niagra Falls and the Butterfly Emporium
Rachel, Ontario
Paul Evans, Alexy Love, Katie, Sundance, Rachel, Ontario
Dorin and Katie, Ontario
Dorin, Butterfly Emporium, Ontario
Sundance, Butterfly Emporium, Ontario
Niagra Falls, Across the River is the State of New York, Ontario
Butterfly Emporium, Ontario
Alexy, Sundance, Dorin, Niagra Falls, Ontario
Sundance, Rachal, Paul Evans, Katie, Alexy, Dorin, Niagra Falls, Ontario
        Dallas, Texas Satsang
           CompassionWorks, Jordan and Kay Shafer
Katie Davis, Sundance Burke, Kay Shafer, Jordan Shafer of CompassionWorks, Dallas, Texas
Dallas  Heart Friends ~ Jordan and Kay Shafer of CompassionWorks, Plano, Texas
Nelda, Marianne, Connie, Plano, Texas
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Sundance Burke and Eckhart Tolle at Mount Shasta, Eckhart Tolle Travels