Sundance's WiseCracks
Sundance's WiseCracks  are  light-hearted enlightenment and openings  to  one's  freedom and truth of being. A very humble Beingness can squeeze through the opening and enjoy the natural bliss and joy of the unlimited space beyond being some-body.
Student: Teacher, can you please give me the truth of who I am?

Teacher: No one can give you what you already are.

Student: But, I do not know who or what I am.

Teacher: That’s it!

Student: It never occurred to me that I don’t know who I am until
                 thought about it. Now, every time I think of myself, I feel     

Teacher: Then, stop thinking about yourself.

Student: How can I realize myself if I don’t think of myself?

Teacher: Exactly!

In the beginning, only seeing existed. Now, only the seen exists. “Go back to the beginning!”

There is no such thing as privacy. I am always being seen.

I wanted to experience true silence, so I went to the mind and asked, “How can I be silent?” The mind contemplated for a moment and then said, “I haven’t got the faintest idea.”

Recently, I was all alone, so I decided to invite Myself to dinner at a local restaurant. As I was eating, I got into a conversation with Myself about politics and religion. I became so upset with Myself that I got up and stormed out of the restaurant. I may never forgive Myself for that.

The direct path to enlightenment is protected by a mind field. As you enter upon path, always make sure that you avoid all the minds. However, if you should step on a mind, be very, very still and don’t move. If you move, you will suffer!

I made an investment in the mind and I suffered a loss. After I removed everything that I had invested in the mind, I realized a profit. Now I am happy and I know not to invest in the mind again.

I used to like the game of hide and seek until I realized that I was the only one playing the game.

The deadliest of all our addictions is over-thinking. If it wasn’t for this addiction, we wouldn’t even know what death is.

Have you noticed, that most insects are constantly in search of food and shelter in order to survive. This reminds me of my mind.

If it wasn’t for my mind, I wouldn’t know who I am.
I just can’t imagine myself being without it.

I recognized that I didn’t know who I truly am, so I placed a missing person ad about myself in the newspaper. I hoped that someone would call and identify me.

One day, the phone rang and I answered it by saying “Hello.” The unidentified caller said, “Are you the person that I’m trying to contact?”

I said, “No, I am not that person. You are seeking someone else.”

The caller responded by saying, “Yes, I suppose I am.”

I hung up the phone and thought, “How stupid. If he doesn’t even know who he is calling, how can he expect to find them.” 

Child:  “Father, where do sounds come from?”

Father: “They come from your silence.”

Child:  “Father, where do the things that I see come from?”

Father: “They come from your light.”

Child:   “Father, where do you come from?”

Father: “I arise from you, my son.”

Child:   “But, where do I come from, Father?”

Father:  “Oh dearest son, you are the only one who is not            
                coming and going.”

I searched the web for the Who’s Who of Enlightenment and found these results:

        No listings for anyone at this time
        This site, under endless construction
        Who cares anyway?

Student: “Teacher, what is real and what is unreal?”

Teacher: “The unreal appears and disappears, comes and
                   goes. The real is that which is, and always is.”

Student: “By that definition, nothing is real, as everything
                  comes and goes, including me.”

Teacher: “Yes, nothing is real.”

Student: “Well, if nothing is real, then nothing is unreal.”

Teacher: “Yes, nothing is unreal.”

Student: “If nothing is real and nothing is unreal, then who  am I, and
                  please don’t tell me that I’m nothing?”

Teacher: “Okay.”

Student: “Teacher, what is silence?”

Teacher:  (no answer)
Momentarily, the student asks again.

Student: “Teacher, please tell me, what is silence?”

Teacher:  (no answer)
After a period, the student implores

Student: “Teacher, why won’t you answer me?”

Teacher: “What are you, deaf?”

Student: “Teacher, in my dream last night, I was flying.
                  How come I can not fly when I am awake?”

Teacher: “When you woke up, you took on a body and
                  now you are grounded for carrying excess baggage.”

Student: “Teacher, the other evening you said that ‘no one’
                   exists. This statement has been bothering me
                   ever since you said it.”

Teacher: “How are you bothered, dear one?”

Student: “I just can’t stand to think of myself as not existing.”

Teacher: “Well dear one, don’t think of yourself and I’m
                  certain that you won’t be bothered again.”

The Teacher gave the following advice to the Student.

“To realize the spirit…….Go within!”

Following this advice, the Student sensed and reported.

“I am within the universe.”
“I am within the body.”
“I am within the mind.”
“I am within Being.”
“I am within Awareness.”
“Oh my goodness, I am within.”  

Student: “Teacher, I want to know who I am before I die.”

Teacher: “How do you know what is before death or after
                   death, if you don’t know what death is. What if you
                   are already dead?”

Student: “No Teacher, I can’t be dead. Death is the end of
                  living and I am now alive.”

Teacher: “Are you certain that there is an end to living?”

Student: “I have seen friends of mine dead and without the
                  ability to speak or move. Clearly, they are dead.”

Teacher: “Yes, but can you know your death as a fact?”

Student: “No. I am not yet dead. I am living. How can I know
                  my death while I am alive?”

Teacher: “Why don’t you die now and see?”

Student: “You mean, end my life now?”

Teacher: “Yes, that’s right.”

Student: “I can’t. I am afraid to die. I don’t want my life to end.
                   I love being alive more than anything.”

Teacher: “If you truly love your Being, why are you thinking of
                  its end?”

Student: “Because, I don’t want it to end.”

Teacher: “Then, stop ending it!”

Student: “I clearly know that I am this body, but it is not clear
              that I am everything that I see and experience. Why
              am I clear about being the body and unclear about
              all else?”

Teacher: “What makes you feel that you are the body only?”

Student: “When I speak, I hear my voice. I can move myself
              but I cannot move others. I seem to have the power
              to control this body, while I cannot control other
              people, places and things.”

Teacher: “Yes, you see and have these experiences. Can you
              control the seer of all this?”

Student: “Yes, I can. If I close my eyes, I do not see these
              things and I can close my eyes now.” (closes eyes)

Teacher: “Can you control the one who sees your eyes, when
              open, and sees your eyes, when closed?”
Student: “Sir, I cannot control anything that sees everything as
              it is now.”

Teacher: “Yes, that is the seeing that is beyond all control.”

Student: “Is that who I am?”

Teacher: “See for yourself, dear one.”

Being as I AM, I often experience bodies appearing before me that speak as though they are independent of me. I find it very odd that I appear to myself in this way. There must be a part of me that doesn’t know who I am. Otherwise, why would I claim to be somebody that I am not. I listen to this mind talking. I am quite certain that sooner or later the talking will end. Until then, I just listen.

Absolutely, I am Peace, Love, Joy and Wisdom. While on earth, I ran into a fellow who said that his name was Mind. He told me all about himself, while I listened intently. He had so many ideas about himself that his story became quite fascinating. By giving Mind my full attention, I felt a strong sense of his existence. He told me that he was different from others. He said that he felt alienated from life. He said that he often felt lost and that he was afraid of dying. He said that he was unable to avoid suffering. He told me about his desires for a true happiness and fulfillment. He told me about all of his accomplishments and failures. He went on and on and on and on. At once, I realized that he couldn’t stop talking or he’d cease to be who he thought he was. Pity.

To realize the Supreme ... s

                                                 “Stop in the name of Love.”

The English translation of the transcendental sound “OM” is:
“do be do be do”

Somebody recognizes something
But nobody realizes nothing

Somebody does something
But nobody can do anything

Somebody perceives a problem
That is truly solved by nobody

I said:            “Go within!”

I did not say: “Dive! Dive! Dive!”

I said:            “Surrender yourself!”

I did not say: “Release the ballast!”

I said:            “Sit in the Heart!”

I did not say: “Sit on the bottom!”

I said:            “Be Still!”

I did not say: “Go to silent running!”

“Oh well, at least now I have your deep attention!”

“To be or not to be” … without question.

Student: “Master, why do the living always concern themselves
                   with dying?”
Master:  “Fear”

Student: “Fear of what?”

Master:  “Living!”

Student: “Master, why are you so happy?”

Master:  “I do not know.”

Student: “Master, there must be a reason that you are
              always joyful.”

Master:  “Yes, dear one, the reason is…………I don’t have one.”

Student: “Master, if I seek my true self what will I find?”

Master:  “You will find nothing.”

Student: “Then, why should I seek?”

Master:  “Ahh! Good question, dear one.”

Student: "Master, why don't you speak out against violence, greed 
                  and prejudice?"

Master:  “I do speak to such things, but people
                  do not listen.”

Student: “Master, I have never heard you utter a single word
                  on these subjects.”

Master:  “Yes, but have you listened to what I am not saying?”

Student: “What are my dreams?”

Master:  “Your dreams are the story and experience of you.”

Student: “Aren’t I real?”

Master:  “No dear one, you are not real.”

Student: “How do you know?”

Master:  “I know that nothing I know is real.”

Student: “How do you know that?”

Master:  “I don’t know that dear one. I am That.”

Student: “Okay, then knowing is false and being is true.”

Master:  “Not exactly. Everything is false and nothing is true.”

Student: “Are you saying that being is nothing.”

Master:  “Yes dear one, being is nothing.”

Student: “Then, who is saying this?”

Master:  “No one says this.”

Student: “How is it that I am hearing it said?”

Master:  “You aren’t.”

Student: “Then, who is?”

Master:  “No one hears and no one speaks.”

Student: “Then, why am I asking?”

Master:  “You’re not, I AM.”

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